SMUS Directory

Jennifer Fisher Teacher, Junior School Strings
Rev. Keven Fletcher Chaplain and Faculty Mentor
George Floyd Teacher, Middle School Information Literacy and Technology
Jerome Foenander Teacher, Middle School Humanities
Sarah Fortune Science and Math Teacher, Middle School
Holly Fraser-Hurley Associate Teacher, Junior School Grade 3
Duncan Frater Teacher, Junior and Middle School Choir
Adrian French Director of Learning
Evan Fryer Assistant House Parent, Barnacle House,
Teacher, Senior School Mathematics
Alison Galloway Teacher, Junior School Grade 3
Elisha Gardiner Teacher, Senior School Ceramics and Sculpture,
Assistant House Parent, Timmis House
Matt Gardiner Assistant House Parent, Harvey House
Peter Gardiner Alumni Relations Officer
Matt Gardner Counsellor, Senior School
Mat Geddes Director of Leadership Development,
Senior House Parent, Barnacle House,
Faculty Representative (Non-Voting), SMUS Society Board of Governors,
Alumnus, Class of 1993,
Current SMUS Parent