SMUS Directory

Sally Green Executive Assistant to the Head of School,
Appointed Administrative Assistant, SMUS Society Board of Governors
Colin Groves Teacher, Senior School Physics,
Assistant Houseparent, Harvey House
Maureen Hann Educational Technology Specialist
Jessica Hanna Assistant Houseparent, Timmis House
Bonita Hannesson Data Centre
Julie Harris Program Specialist
Leanne Hart Head of ELL,
Teacher, Senior School ELL,
Assistant Houseparent, Timmis House
Brandon Hawes Teacher, Junior School Grade 5
Gillian Hayden '05 Governor, SMUS Society Board of Governors
David Heffernan Assistant Houseparent, Barnacle House,
Alumnus, Class of 2006
Angus Henderson Teacher, Senior School Geography
Allison Higinbotham Teacher, Senior School Mathematics
Shannon Hill '85 Governor, SMUS Society Board of Governors,
Current SMUS Parent
Stuart Hill Director of Marketing and Communications
Dave Hlannon Director of Educational Technology