How We Spend the Annual Fund

Junior School musician

The Annual Fund supports our students in developing their talents

The Annual Fund touches every student’s life. Academics, sports, travel, arts, music and athletics all benefit from your contribution to our school. With your help, we’re able to set the school apart and make it a thriving community that is committed to excellence - both now and for future generations.

However, we understand that there can sometimes be skepticism about where the money goes and if your contribution will end up making a significant difference to the school. It will! For the record, SMUS spends a maximum of 11 cents for every dollar received on promoting the Annual Fund - substantially less than other not-for-profits.

Annual Fund 2016-17

You can find a breakdown below of how the 2016-17 Annual Fund was spent. Select the item in the key for more about each initiative. If you have additional questions about how the Annual Fund is spent, please do contact us.

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Select the item in the key for more about how the Annual Fund is spent.

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The Board of Governors and Senior Leadership team direct these donations to the area of greatest need.