Volunteer Opportunity - St. Michael's School Photos

Old St. Michaels School class photo
Can you identify the people in this photo?

The sixty one year history of St. Michael’s School prior to amalgamation is rich with photos: the whole school, individual classes, sports teams, scouts/cubs, boys at drill. Unfortunately, many do not indicate the year or individual names. Over the last 20 years alumni have come in to rectify this challenge of identification. The volunteer list includes: Peter Bousfield, Geoff Rooper, Migs Turner, Mervyn Lougher-Goodey, Philip Sherwin, Peter Birch-Jones, Malcolm Anderson (apologies for any omissions). One alumni weekend we got a late unexpected visit from Jamie Green and Paul Russell, who made a very welcome and valuable contribution to some late 1960’s photos.

It has been a huge task to get this treasure of photos into order, and over the last three years, Michael Nation SMS 1967 has come in every Wednesday to set the records straight. He is doing a magnificent job.

Michael has strong family links with St. Michael’s School: his father John Nation 1928-33, his Uncle Philip 1925-30, his brother Peter 1957-64. Michael's years were 1960-1967. John Nation was Chairman of the Board of St. Michael’s School and in 1971 was the “Father of Amalgamation”.

Michael’s task is ongoing, and he would welcome some assistance in getting these records into decent order. This is an invitation to St. Michael’s School alumni with keen memories to offer some assistance to Michael as he toils away at this commendable and formidable task. Michael comes to the Archives on Wednesday mornings.

Any volunteers?

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Brenda Waksel and Rob Wilson can be reached in Archives: 250-592-2411 or local 6126. Leave a message.

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