The Wilson Archives: A Visit from Whitehorse

Lea Halliday & Marilyn Taylor visit the Wilson Archives

On April 11, the Archives enjoyed a visit by Marilyn Taylor and her daughter Lea Halliday from Whitehorse, YT. Marilyn’s father, William Taylor attended University School from 1923 to 1928. William Taylor’s younger brothers were also at the School: Charles, 1926-30, and Albert, 1928-33. The three brothers were born and raised in Whitehorse, and in those days their travel to the school was a long and difficult journey, so much so that they did not go home to Whitehorse during the school year; September to June.

The purpose of Marilyn’s visit was to donate memorabilia to the Archives: her father’s medals, photos, badges and crests. The medals were 1928 Tennis Doubles and 1928 winner of 880 yard track. We already have other treasures from Charlie Taylor, notably the 1920’s cadet uniform we featured in School Ties, Spring 2017.

After their years at University School, both William and Charles Taylor spent the remainder of their lives in Whitehorse where they became successful businessmen.

There has been further Taylor family involvement with the School: Gordon Taylor, son of Charles, was at University School 1959-64, and Marilyn’s grandchildren represent a further generation of SMUS students/grads: Aline Halliday Grad ’15, Pascale Halliday Grad ’17 and Ewan Halliday Grad ’19.

Marilyn and Lea’s visit was a great occasion for Brenda and Rob to be able to receive the memorabilia and to share memories with a family from Whitehorse, YT which has ties with the School dating back as far as 1923.

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