Leadership Streams: Service (definition)

To foster a culture of service, citizenship and responsibility at SMUS, each student from Kindergarten to Grade 12 participates in meaningful service to others. Students work around our local community as well as fundraise for national and international causes. Some students also choose to work on service projects through SMUS trips around the world during school breaks.


Dominican Republic Trip 2011

The service stream focuses on helping others, in many different ways. From volunteering with local charities to organizing fundraisers for causes around the world, our students work hard to improve the situation of people facing poverty, discrimination, and isolation.

Each student from SMUS participates in service, and, in doing so, they broaden their perspectives, develop leadership skills, learn about the world around them and begin to see service as a part of life.

Because of the various ways to take part in service, opportunities for leadership are abundant. Senior School students can chair important service events, Middle School students can hold a bake sale on campus for a charity of their choice and Junior School students can help their peers by mediating conflicts on the playground.

Though not all service requires leadership, its considerable range allows students to use their unique talents and champion the causes that are most important to them.


  • To facilitate age-appropriate, meaningful service opportunities for all students
  • To improve the quality of life and the environment in local and global communities
  • To forming partnerships with community groups and charities
  • To integrate service with academics through curricular-based, experiential activities
  • To foster and promote stewardship (internal service) throughout the SMUS community

Service at SMUS is embedded within all programs. While it does sometimes stand alone, its connection to the school philosophy means that service enters all aspects of the school.

Service can tie into and overlap with academic, leadership, environmental, experiential, arts, athletic and outdoor pursuits. Service initiatives are not reliant on one person but take the direction of different individuals and groups.

By connecting service with a diverse academic program, we help students become citizens who are educated, civic-minded, aware of global issues and socially responsible.

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