Grade 8 Boarding: Student Life

Grade 8 boarders live alongside their older housemates, but their boarding experience differs slightly.

All Grade 8 boarders belong to either Winslow house (girls) or Bolton house (boys) and have their own houseparent living on their dormitory floor.

They are supervised during prep, receive an earlier lights-out time and benefit from focused extra-curricular music instruction. Prep times are slightly shorter to allow for 30 minutes of physical activity with a houseparent before bed.

They are only allowed off campus on weekends with adult supervision. As Middle School students, the Grade 8 boarders have different academic schedules and extracurricular options, but are also fully integrated into all house events.

Grade 8 boarders have their own dedicated Grade 8 houseparents. On weekends, these houseparents plan activities like swimming, skating, hiking, rock climbing, movies, shopping, community service and more.