Leadership Streams: Sustainability (definition)

We focus on environmental issues, increasing our awareness and decreasing our impact. Our school works on small everyday actions as well as major facilities changes to improve our environmental sustainability. There are whole school initiatives to bring us together in our efforts to “green” our campus and change our habits for the benefit of the planet.


Through the sustainability stream, we decrease our impact on the environment and increase our awareness of important environmental issues. This includes resource conservation initiatives, facility upgrades and promotion of eco-conscious changes thoughout our community.


At SMUS, we see sustainability as more than being environmentally-conscious; we define sustainable initiatives as ones that are economically, socially and environmentally responsible.

Our sustainability stream works to:

  • create opportunities for students to take positive action for the environment;
  • provide information and tools to students to reduce their personal impact;
  • educate students on the scientific, social and political factors that affect the environment;
  • engage students in school-wide, local and global initiatives; and
  • empower students to think positively about the future.

Sustainability overlaps and connects to the other four streams at SMUS. Events like Walk for Water, a service initiative that raises fund for villages lacking proper access to clean water, also makes us aware that water is a valuable resource that we should conserve. Our experiential program includes an assessment of invasive plant species.

Understanding how our lifestyle affects climate change, which impacts other parts of the world through natural disasters and altered growing seasons, reminds us of our global responsibility. Lastly, principles of leadership empower us to tackle the challenges we face.

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