Distinctive Excellence

Fulfilling Student Promise

Each of our students will be able to discover and fulfill their promise through an integrated program of academics, athletics and arts that also provides opportunities to personalize their learning, leadership and service experiences.

Staff Excellence

Recognizing that the most important element of fulfilling student promise is surrounding them with outstanding staff, we will attract, develop, and retain a team of truly excellent staff as well as engage in succession planning to ensure a high level of staff excellence is maintained over time.

Facilities and Technology

The physical environment in which our students learn and play as well as the tools they have at their disposal will be aligned with how education is to be delivered in the 21st century.

Strategic Plan 2012

Strategic Plan 2012

Strategic Plan 2012

Published: December, 2012

Who we are, why we are here and where we are going.

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Strategic Plan 2015 Update

Our Strategic Plan: 2015 Update

Strategic Plan 2015 Update

Published: October, 2015

The 2012 strategic plan identified three core goals: distinctive excellence, lifelong engagement and organizational strength, as well as nine strategic priorities, outlined in this document.

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