Organizational Strength

Financial Stability and Capacity

To ensure financial stability and the capacity to finance our strategic goals, the school will have full enrollment in boarding and day, exercise prudent operational spending, maintain an appropriate and affordable level of debt, and keep adequate reserves for contingencies.

Understanding, Serving & Growing Our Market

To effectively investigate, assess and execute on strategic opportunities that fulfill our vision and mission, the school will strive to fully understand and serve its current market as a day/boarding school located in Victoria, BC.


Believing firmly that good governance is the cornerstone of any organization’s success, we will revisit traditional areas of governance and expand on new ones such as risk management to ensure we reflect best practices, remain current and execute effectively.

Strategic Plan 2012

Strategic Plan 2012

Strategic Plan 2012

Published: December, 2012

Who we are, why we are here and where we are going.

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Strategic Plan 2015 Update

Our Strategic Plan: 2015 Update

Strategic Plan 2015 Update

Published: October, 2015

The 2012 strategic plan identified three core goals: distinctive excellence, lifelong engagement and organizational strength, as well as nine strategic priorities, outlined in this document.

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