Provincial Results

The British Columbia Ministry of Education conducts standardized testing to assess the level at which BC students are acquiring the knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the provincial curriculum. St. Michaels University School students participate in two types of standardized testing: foundation skills assessments (FSAs) and provincial examinations. If you would like to learn more about the provincial student assessment program, you may find the Ministry of Education website interesting.

About the Foundation Skills Assessment

The Foundation Skills Assessment is an annual province-wide assessment of British Columbia students' academic skills that measures students’ abilities in reading comprehension, writing, and numeracy. Designed and developed by British Columbia educators, the tests are linked to the provincial curriculum and provincial performance standards.

SMUS supports our students' success in building these basic academic skills by:

  • mapping out our curriculum;
  • ensuring smooth transitions between grades;
  • closely following each student's progress;
  • reporting grades based on outcomes; and
  • working collaboratively.

Grade 4 FSA Performance

  • In the 2016 FSA, 66% of our Grade 4 students exceeded expectations in the numeracy category and 48% exceeded expectations in the reading category (compared to 14% and 14% province-wide).
  • On average, 31% more of our students exceed expectations in all categories than students province-wide.

Grade 7 FSA Performance

  • In the 2016 FSA, 52% of our Grade 7 students exceeded expectations in the reading category, compared to 13% province-wide, and 48% of SMUS students exceeded expectations in the writing category, compared to 9% province-wide.
  • On average, 31% more of our students exceed expectations in all categories than students province-wide.

About Provincial Examinations

Mandatory provincial examinations are written in several key subjects at the Grade 10, 11 and 12 levels. All SMUS students write their provincial examinations at the end of June (except those taking AP English, for which exams are written in January). For provincially examinable courses, the exam mark represents up to 40% of a student’s final grade.

Grade 10-12 Provincial Performance

  • In the five provincially mandated exams (English 10, Mathematics 10, Science 10, Socials 11 and English 12), SMUS averages were 11%, 11%, 10%, 5% and 12% higher, respectively, than the averages for all schools in BC.
  • In the same five exams, the overall SMUS examination average in 2016 was 12%, 5%, 7%. 5% and 16% higher than the average for BC independent schools.
  • On the three Grade 10 exams, 81% of SMUS students received an A or a B, compared to 51% of students at independent schools and 42% of students in provincial high schools.
  • All SMUS students received a passing mark in Science 10, Math 10 and Grade 11 Socials. The pass rate for English 10 was 98% and 97% for English 12, compared to 85% across all independent schools.

Percentage of Passing Marks (2012)

Subject SMUS  Independent Province
Gr. 10 English 98% 82% 89%
Gr. 10 Math 99% 92% 86%
Gr. 10 Science 100% 95% 92%
Gr. 11 Socials 100% 95% 92%
Gr. 12 English 97% 85% 80%

About Provincial Scholarships

Each year, the province of British Columbia awards scholarships to BC students who meet the following requirements.

A student will receive a $1000 Examinations Scholarship if he or she:

  • is a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant;
  • achieves at least a B in English 12;
  • achieves 86% or higher on each of his or her three best Grade 12 provincial exams (can include the English 12 provincial exam) and/or a 4 or a 5 on his or her AP exams; and
  • fulfills the requirements for the Graduation Program.

A student will receive a $2500 Examinations Scholarship if he or she:

  • qualifies to receive an award with the above criteria; plus
  • ranks among the top twenty scholarship students (based on his or her percentage score).

AP (Advanced Placement) exam scores count towards earning a Grade 12 Graduation Program Examinations Scholarship. AP test scores are converted to percentages, with a score of 4 becoming 86% and 5 becoming 96%. A score on a provincial exam and a score on an AP exam in the same subject cannot count as two separate exam scores.

SMUS Provincial Scholars

  No. of Provincial Scholars % of Eligible Grads
2012 54 43%
2011 60 43%
2010 53 43%
2009 46 35%
2008 43 36%