House Buildings

Bolton and Timmis Boarding Houses and the Wenman Pavilion

The boarding houses at SMUS are contained in modern purpose-built residences
Christian talks about respect in boardingI like that co-ed boarding exposes you to a certain level of respect that you wouldn’t get just being at an all boys school. Having girls in the building helps us learn how to interact with women and respect their boundaries, as well as them respecting ours.

Just as your room now is in a house, your room at SMUS is in a boarding house. You'll live in your house with your fellow boarders and your houseparents just down the hallway.

A Unique Layout

The modern residence buildings are divided into two wings, a girls' side and a boys' side, with the co-educational common room in between.

The design of the houses is an important and unique aspect of boarding at SMUS that, like the rest of life, means your living experience allows for boys and girls to interact in a respectful and healthy social atmosphere. Of course, there are boundaries, and to ensure your privacy the individual houses (and therefore your room) remain strictly single gender.

Interactive House Layout

Explore a typical layout of a first floor of a boarding house:

 Girls' house
 Boys' house
 Coed areas
 Private bathrooms
 Common room
 Laundry facilities
 Houseparents' residences
 Houseparents' office

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What does each house have?

In addition to your room, the common areas have fridges and cooking facilities for making light meals and snacks, pool and ping-pong tables, a piano, computers, a TV with DVD library, and other ways that you and your fellow boarders can relax and hang out.

Each house also has washers and dryers, if you’re keen to do your own laundry. But as a boarder, you can also take advantage of our laundry service, which will take away any worries you may have about cleaning your linens and clothes.

Your house has secure storage facilities for your larger items like suitcases and bikes.

More Pictures and Video

Get a more in-depth look at the SMUS boarding houses with the SMUS virtual campus tour.