Health and Safety in Boarding

A houseparent with two boys in boarding at SMUS

Houseparents support you but also look after your health and safety

Living away from home means being away from that sense of safety and comfort from your family that you’re probably used to.

That’s okay, because we take your health and safety very seriously at SMUS. When you’re a boarding student, our staff are terrific substitutes for your parents – they care for you, and ensure you are safe and healthy at all times.

Safety & Security

Our campus is located in a quiet suburb and you will rarely need to leave campus to eat or go to class. However, that does not mean that we are relaxed when it comes to your safety.

In addition to having at least two sets of adult houseparents living just down the hall, the boarding houses are locked 24/7 with access only with a swipe card. Security guards patrol the campus and the campus gates are locked every night.

Houseparents keep track of where you are with a sign-in and sign-out system that allows for supervised independence. They all have up-to-date first aid training in case of emergencies.


When you live in boarding you gain a whole new family but like with any family, it’s important that you also feel safe and that your privacy is respected.

Here are just some of the ways we respect your privacy:

  • You have a private bathroom in your room, which includes a shower, toilet and sink – there are no shared bathroom facilities in boarding at SMUS
  • Only you, your roommate and boarding staff have a key for your room
  • You have locked drawers that only you have access to
  • Only common areas of the building are co-ed – your house is single gender
  • Support you seek out from adults – houseparents, doctors, counsellors – is confidential
  • The boarding community stresses respect, tolerance and compassion. We embrace all cultures at SMUS. You won’t have to worry about your privacy being ignored or not fitting in.

If you have any concerns about privacy, please contact us and we’ll be glad to talk about any special arrangements you may require.

Health Centre

A doctor and a student in SMUS's Health Centre
One of two physicians visit campus on weekdays

The convenience of living on campus means you have everything you may ever need close by, including health services when you’re not feeling well.

Boarders have access to the school Health Centre, where staff provide on-campus medical assistance and educate and counsel students about healthy lifestyle choices. A nurse is on duty or on call at all times, and SMUS has two doctors who operate convenient clinic hours on weekdays. The clinic is equipped with beds for comfortable overnight stays.

You also live close to a hospital, a lab and an X-ray facility; SMUS has excellent access to specialist doctors, physiotherapists and other medical experts.

The boarding community has a designated counsellor whose primary focus is to ensure your success at school. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so the school provides you with confidential access to counsellors, or off-campus psychologists or registered clinical counsellors to give you the support you need.