ELL Boarding Life

One of the most important opportunities for ELL students at SMUS is the chance to interact with native English speakers on a daily basis: from getting after-school help from a teacher to talking sports strategy with their roommate before house games. This immersion is key to an ELL student's development as an English speaker.

As boarders, our ELL students contribute to the international community of our campus. They are active in leadership within their houses, well-represented on school teams from badminton to soccer, and participate in many extracurricular activities. Many ELL students represent their home country on our International Council, and if they are elected Head of House, they take on a governing role through the Prefect Council.

Our dining staff at the Sun Centre dining hall try to include cuisine from a variety of cultures as well as meet the needs of all our students. In addition to theme nights organized by boarders, the dining hall works regularly with a committee of students to discuss more ways to accommodate different tastes and backgrounds.

Boarding students are expected to attend chapel with their peers. Chapel is meant to be a time for personal reflection and provides an inclusive environment where all faiths and beliefs are welcome. Chapel is an important part of students’ mental and moral development.

Things To Remember

  • Boarding life is different from home life. Many students are more active and require more sleep.
  • Socialization and other activities are just as important for ELL students as class work: they build leadership and English skills, which are key for university acceptance.
  • Tutoring services are available, but students benefit most from developing the tools to work through language obstacles on their own.
  • Students should be encouraged to get the most out of the program by joining extracurricular clubs, making friends with English-speaking students and limiting their use of their native language.
  • Be patient. Understand that learning a language is a complex, long-term process.

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