Music - Strings (Junior School Arts)

Strings Program (Grades 4-5)

Junior school students playing strings

I really enjoyed the experience of playing in an orchestra. Everything is so different when you listen to the music from the point of view of the musician than when you hear it from the audience.

Read more from Grade 5 students taking part in the orchestra.

Our strings program teaches skills through ensemble playing. Students can choose to play the violin, viola, cello or double bass and we focus on developing:

  • posture and playing positions;
  • left-arm, right-arm and hand coordination;
  • tone production and intonation; and
  • music-reading skills.

Rehearsing in small and large ensembles, students build confidence and gain a solid foundation of skills on their instruments, which they can continue to develop with the same teacher when they move to Middle School. We consider performance an important part of music education, and feature the Junior School strings players in many events throughout the school year, including the closing ceremonies.

Because we require practice at home and at school, we recommend that each strings student acquire their own instrument. We are happy to discuss purchase and rental options to help you find the best fit for your child and your family.

SMUS Junior Viewbook cover cropThe Junior School viewbook provides an overview of the program and the SMUS experience.

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