Languages at the Junior School

Language is directly related to our way of thinking and the way we live: learning a language and a new culture broadens children’s understanding of the world. Students learn French beginning in Kindergarten. With regular instruction, students practice the written and oral parts of the languages. Cultural experiences enhance their understanding.


Our Grade 6 class has just finished performing “Boucles Rouges en route pour Mars.” I love to act, so for me the play was a wonderful and fun way to learn French...

Read more about performing in French from Firinne (Grade 6).

Junior and Middle Curriculum: Languages: French

At the Junior and Middle schools, students learn French through a revolutionary approach to second-language instruction. The Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM) uses story, theatre, drama and music to put language in context. Specifically designed stories fuel a range of activities that push students to higher levels of oral and written fluency.

Students master a common vocabulary using techniques such as hand gestures and language immersion to aid retention. They learn to ask for and give information as well as speak about themselves and their interests.

There is a constant flow between reading, writing, speaking and listening. Listening and speaking always precede reading and writing activities to ensure that students develop their pronunciation and sense of meaning.