Academic Technology at the Junior School

Students show their use of photography technologyComputers are an important educational tool and students in the Junior School are taught to use technology starting in Kindergarten. Online safety and basic computer skills form the core of the technology program. A computer specialist teaches each class, building on knowledge through each year to Grade 5.

In addition to computer class, students may visit the lab to access resources and complete assignments for other subjects.  

By the end of Grade 5 students will be able to:

  • type efficiently;
  • work with a variety of programs; and
  • surf the Internet and safely retrieve information.

Junior School Facilities and Equipment

  • One mobile lab with iPads;
  • Apple TV;
  • One fully equipped and regularly updated computer lab with desktop computers running Windows;
  • One wireless mobile lab with laptops;
  • Two computers per classroom; and
  • Five computers in library for student use.