Junior School Athletics

Philosophy and Goals

Physical education is an important cornerstone of the SMUS curriculum: research shows that children benefit from athletics in a number of areas, including academic performance, social development, and physical and mental health.

At the Junior School level, we focus on developing our students' enthusiasm, skills, and commitment. We consciously downplay the competitive aspect of sport in these early years to instil in our students a lifelong passion for physical activity before they move on to more competitive opportunities at the Middle and Senior schools.

Our goals for students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 are to:

  • teach sportsmanship and self-discipline;
  • encourage participation over competition;
  • provide leadership opportunities;
  • promote the benefits of healthy living; and
  • develop personal potential.

Clubs and Activities

SMUS is a member of both the Victoria Independent Schools Sports Association (VISSA) and the Independent Schools Elementary Association (ISEA). Through these organizations, our students are able to compete with other schools in a wide range of activities. Our athletes also participate in events organized with local public schools.

Extracurricular Sports

Extracurricular sports begin in Grade 3 and include:

  • Basketball
  • Cross-country 
  • Dance
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Track and Field


Gr. 3-5 Cross-Country
Gr. 3-5 Running Club
Gr. 4/5 Boys Soccer Club
Gr. 4/5 Girls Soccer Club
Gr. 4/5 Sports Club
Dance Club
Gr. 4 Boys Sports Club
Gr. 4 Girls Sports Club
Gr. 5 Boys Sports Club
Gr. 5 Girls Sports Club
Squash Club
Dance Club
Intramural Basketball
Gr. 4 Boys Sports Club
Gr. 4 Girls Sports Club
Gr. 5 Boys Sports Club
Gr. 5 Girls Sports Club
Swim Club
Gr. 3-5 Distance Running
Gr. 3-5 Track and Field
Gr. 4/5 Rugby
Gr. 4/5 Sports Club

Refer to the school calendar for dates and times.