Principles of Leadership at Junior School

Character development is an important aspect of our leadership program and the key focus of the principles of leadership stream. Our school-wide principles are grounded in what we call the pillars:

  • Service
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Courage

In addition to the pillars, the Junior School uses the Virtues Project extensively in its quest to create a positive, caring and empowering culture in which children can learn and grow. Focusing on a particular virtue each month, we weave the language of virtues into daily life, assemblies and chapel, and our teachers embrace the opportunity to integrate ideas of character into their lessons.

By Grade 5, our students are taking on significant leadership responsibilities within the school and are involved in creating fun experiences for the children of the school while helping others in our community. We also ask them to speak about their ideas of leadership in a special leadership assembly.

SMUS Junior Viewbook cover cropThe Junior School viewbook provides an overview of the program and the SMUS experience.

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