Visual Arts (Middle School Arts)

Visual Art classes provide students with a strong foundation in art with a focus on creative, visual, and art production skills. Students develop their creativity and technique in visual expression by examining and responding to different media and styles. Several media are covered:

  • drawing
  • painting
  • printmaking
  • graphic design
  • ceramics
  • metal work
  • collage
  • sculpture
  • scratchboard

Students learn the technical aspects of each project while engaging in art from a variety of artistic traditions as well as visual expressions from their own and other cultures. Students view, discuss and produce art that relates to a range of Fine, Cultural, Popular, Folk and Applied Art traditions.

Art learning content is often thematically linked to topics covered in Humanities courses. This inclusive and integrated approach helps extend, enrich and diversify students’ expressive capabilities. It also enhances creative and critical skills and cultivates an appreciation for artistic production and experience.

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