Middle School Sustainability

Sustainability overview

Sustainability allows students to practice leadership by:

  • educating others about environmental issues and solutions;
  • spearheading initiatives at our school and in our community; and
  • creating collaborative teams and prioritizing goals.

Student Sustainability Projects

  • The e-team promotes proper use of the recycling and composting bins.
  • Exploratory students built the Middle School garden in 2009.
  • Students maintain the Middle School greenhouse and garden, starting plants in the greenhouse, transplanting them and tending to them over the summer.
  • The Middle School has a comprehensive recycling and composting system where everything from plastic bags to apple cores can be recycled or composted.
  • The whole school is working on making lunches garbage-free.
  • Exploratory students work on various environmental projects over the course of the year.
  • Students explore renewable energy projects through designing and building solar pop can heaters.