Extracurricular Activities

Get involved! Seize the day! Contributing to the life of the school through extracurricular clubs and activities contributes to each student's own personal development and helps them enjoy their time at the Middle School.

Activities are an important part of leadership development, so each year we publish a guide that charts each activity's connection to our five leadership streams (service, sustainability, global responsibility, principles of leadership, and experiential education). This guide helps our students make choices that maximize their opportunities for learning and growth.

Middle School Activities

  • Middle School Sports Teams
  • Art Club
  • CanSpell Competition
  • Chapel Team
  • Chess Club
  • Community Events
  • Debate Club
  • E-Team
  • Experiential PE Program (Grade 8)
  • Exploratory
  • Grade 6 Boys’ Club
  • Grade 6 Girls’ Club
  • House Council
  • Jazz Band
  • Library Council
  • Math Challengers
  • Outdoor Education
  • Play Production
  • Score Keepers
  • Service Initiatives
  • Student Council
  • WEB (Where Everyone Belongs)