Middle School Athletics

The goal at the Middle School is to provide an ample amount of athletic opportunities for students over the course of the year. Our main emphasis is on participation, sportsmanship and citizenship. Our qualified coaching staff strive to provide a positive athletic experience for all students at the Middle School.

Athletic Teams

Middle School athletic teams focus on encouraging participation, developing sportsmanship, and promoting citizenship.

Our goals for students in Grades 6-8 are to:

  • provide a variety of athletic opportunities;
  • create positive athletic experience; and
  • prepare students for sports at the Senior School.

In extracurricular sports, all students can shine. In Grades 6 and 7, students can join and play on any team – no tryouts are necessary. In Grade 8, students get ready to make the leap to Senior School sports levels. Grade 8 teams focus on assembling more skilled athletes for competitive play, although second teams are sometimes set up for those who want to play and develop their skills.

School teams require time commitment. Grade 6 and 7 players usually have one practice and one game per week. At the Grade 8 level, teams can have up to four practices or games per week. The school year has been divided into four seasons of play, allowing students to schedule other commitments and play on multiple teams.

Extracurricular Sports

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cross-country
  • Field Hockey
  • Fitness and Conditioning Club
  • Rugby
  • Sailing Club
  • Soccer
  • Squash
  • Swim Club
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball

The Middle School participates in the Lower Island Middle School Sports Association (LIMSSA) which includes middle schools from the Victoria, Saanich and Sooke school districts. We also take part in some independent school leagues, jamborees and tournaments throughout the course of the year.


Sept - Nov
Gr. 8 Rugby
Gr. 7/8 Boys Soccer
Gr. 7/8 Girls Soccer
U-15 Girls Soccer
U-13 Boys Soccer
U-13 Girls Soccer
Gr. 6/7 Boys Soccer
Gr. 6/7 Girls Soccer
Gr. 6/7/8 Cross Country

Nov - Dec
Gr. 7/8 Boys Basketball
Gr. 7/8 Girls Basketball
Gr. 7 Boys Basketball
Gr. 7 Girls Basketball
Gr. 6 Boys Basketball
Gr. 6 Girls Basketball
Gr. 6/7/8 Squash Club
Gr. 6/7/8 Swim Club

Jan - Mar
Gr. 6/7/8 Squash Club
Gr. 6/7/8 Swim Club
Gr. 6 Girls Volleyball
Gr. 7 Girls Volleyball
Gr. 8 Girls Volleyball

Mar - June
Gr. 6/7/8 Badminton Club
Gr. 6/7/8 Track and Field
Gr. 6/7 Girls Field Hockey
Gr. 8 Girls Field Hockey
Gr. 6 Rugby
Gr. 7 Rugby
Gr. 8 Rugby