Middle School Counselling

SMUS school counsellors provide confidential counselling to our students – individually or in small groups. The primary focus of our counsellors is to help our students develop skills and strategies to deal effectively with life challenges that can sometimes interfere with their success. Counselling staff work with students on issues such as life balance, wellbeing, conflict resolution and stress management.

When a situation requires it, counsellors will extend the counselling process to include faculty, boarding parents, medical staff and parents. If more extensive therapeutic intervention is required, our counsellors will make referrals to certified professionals in the community.

At the Middle School, our counsellor plays an important role in our students' lives and provides invaluable support for their growth and learning. The counsellor:

  • provides individual and group support for students in order to enhance their growth, development, social and emotional skills;
  • works with teachers to help students learn specific skills such as communication, problem-solving and building friendships; and
  • is available to provide educational opportunities and support for parents.

The Middle School counsellor is available during most school hours. Students can set up an appointment if they have anything they’d like to discuss in a private setting.

SMUS Middle School Viewbook cover cropThe Middle School viewbook provides an overview of programs and the SMUS experience.

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