Experiential Program

The Experiential Program is about self-discovery through progressive skill development. From organic farming to running the school coffee business to delving into sports analytics, there are many cohorts to choose from.

The school year starts with a five-day outdoor trip with classmates with options like rock climbing, sailing, hiking and sea kayaking. From there, students select a smaller cohort to explore a focused topic in the following ways:

  • Your Expeditions: Six day-long sessions in Victoria that are tied to your cohort to deepen your skills and knowledge.
  • Your Pursuit: A five- to seven-day off-campus experience in May related to your cohort where you put your skills to use. Recent examples include:
    • Hiking the Nootka Trail
    • Launching a coffee roasting business
    • Working with horses and helping run a ranch
    • Designing clothing for a fashion show
    • Converting a VW Beetle from gas to electric power

See examples of the cohort options at SMUSExperiential.com.