Grade 11

Students watch as an experiment unfolds

At SMUS, Grade 11 students can start to tailor their studies to focus on an area of interest

Advanced Placement Program

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are university-level classes you'll take in high school.

SMUS was the first school in Canada to offer AP, and with 27 courses available we have one of the largest AP programs in the country.

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SMUS is a university prep school, so every grade is a step on a journey toward higher education. However, Grade 11 is when that preparation becomes more focused. With the support of your university counsellor, you'll start to make choices and take courses that are tied to your future goals.

But it’s not all academic. The year is full of fun opportunities that help you grow as a leader – such as outdoor trips, playing on the senior-level sports teams or becoming the head of a club or council.

You’ll find that Grade 11 is about finding balance. With a heavier course load and lots of extracurriculars to choose from, this is the year when self-discipline and time management become your best friends. With so many opportunities at SMUS, you’ll have to plan carefully and decide what really matters to you.

By the end of Grade 11, you will be firmly on the path to university and you will have researched many of your future options. You’ll have a solid understanding of your strengths and have had opportunities to grow as a leader, as a student and in life.


In Grades 11 and 12, students have flexibility in their schedules. To meet graduation requirements, you must take Grade 11 level courses in English, math, social studies, science, physical education and visual and performing arts, but you can choose to take them in your Grade 11 or Grade 12 year. Grade 11 students also have the option of taking some Advanced Placement courses, and in some cases Grade 12 courses.

We recommend you take seven courses, not including Career Life Connections. You are limited to a maximum of eight in the regular timetable (seven if taking certain AP courses). Learn more about the subject areas and learning outcomes.

Required Courses in Grade 11

  • One English 11
  • Career Life Connections 11

Required Courses in Grade 11 or 12

  • One Mathematics
  • One Science
  • One Social Studies
  • One Visual and Performing Arts
  • One Physical Education

Elective Courses

A wide variety of elective courses including AP courses allows you to delve deeper into the subject areas, focusing on areas that interest you. For full course descriptions and options see the Course Handbook.

  • AP Capstone: AP Seminar
  • English: Creative Writing, Literary Studies, Spoken Language
  • Math: Foundations of Mathematics, Pre-Calculus
  • Computer Science: Computer Science, Robotics
  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Life Sciences, Physics
  • Social Studies: Art History, Comparative Cultures, Comparative Government and Politics, Criminology and Social Justice, Economic Theory, European History, Human Geography, Law Studies, Microeconomics/Macroeconomics, Physical Geography, World History
  • Modern Languages: French, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish
  • Visual and Performing Arts: 3D Design and Installation, Acting, Art Studio, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Digital Art, Strings
  • Physical and Health Education: Blended Physical Education, Fitness and Conditioning, Human Performance, Lifestyle and Fitness, Standard Physical Education, Yoga and Wellness
  • Outdoor Education: Outdoor Leadership