Grade 9

Student and teacher work on a science project

Hands-on projects ask students to problem solve, using creativity to find answers

Grade 9 is all about getting the ball rolling for success in Senior School. That means taking core courses to build up your knowledge.

You will also be challenged in ways you have not experienced before. You’ll start developing important skills like creativity, teamwork and research skills. We think of this as building a toolkit that will help you succeed in later grades and beyond high school.

The big, driving question you’ll answer in Grade 9 is “What does it mean to me to live a purposeful life?” Through different courses and projects and during trips outside the classroom, you’ll start to understand what is important to you. You’ll think about how you might contribute to your community and the world.

By the end of Grade 9, you will have gained core academic skills and challenged yourself with some important questions about where and how you want to grow.


Students are required to complete the following courses in their Grade 9 year, with the opportunity to select an additional elective. Learn more about the subject areas and learning outcomes.

Required Courses

  • Art 9
  • Career Education 9
  • Drama 9
  • English 9 or English 9 Plus (for English Language Learners)
  • Physical and Health Education 9
  • Mathematics 9 or Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10
  • Modern Language (one course, see list below)
  • Music (one course, see list below)
  • Science 9
  • Social Studies 9 or Social Studies 9 Plus (for English Language Learners)

Elective Courses

  • Athletic Leadership 10
  • Computer Science 10
  • Marine Studies and Training 10
  • Modern Languages
    • French 9, Beginner, Advanced
    • Mandarin 9, Beginner
    • Spanish 9, Beginner
  • Modern Studies 9
  • Music
    • Concert Band 9
    • Concert Choir 9
    • Strings 9
  • Painting 9
  • Sport Science 10