Senior School Departments

Senior School Departments

Senior School Departments

At the Senior School level, the breadth of course offerings is considerable. For information on the different departments and the courses, make a selection from the list below. For a complete guide to course requirements and detailed descriptions, see the Course Handbook, also below.

Art is a fundamental dimension of human life. Art classes at SMUS are studio courses, emphasizing a hands-on approach rather than academic study. Dedication and the production of strong work are the prime goals. Skill development and creativity, and discipline and freedom are encouraged in tandem.

At SMUS, student artists:

  • explore different forms and mediums;
  • meet and work with different visual artists;
  • learn challenging techniques;
  • develop an individual style; and
  • explore creative processing.


  • Charcoal
  • Oil and chalk pastels
  • Acrylics
  • Watercolour
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Collage
  • Glass
  • Digital media

Facilities and Equipment

Our large studio space incorporates high ceilings and lots of natural light. Student work is displayed around the classroom and all around campus throughout the year.

Students have access to a printing press, silk screens, an electric kiln and three electric potters' wheels. The well-stocked supply cupboard includes many types of materials for drawing, oil and chalk pastels, watercolours, oils and acrylic paints, textile paints, printing inks and all manner of interesting equipment needed for ceramics and sculpture.

Extra Opportunities

Gallery Visits and Life Drawing

Victoria has many public, private and commercial galleries. Students visit exhibitions throughout the year to see contemporary art and complete assignments outside of the classroom. In addition to gallery visits, students can attend life drawing sessions and other live drawing opportunities.

Display Opportunities

SMUS participates in several programs with galleries in Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle. Through the Open Door to Art and New Extremes programs, students have had work featured in the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Students have also had work in the Youth Group of Seven exhibition through the BC Arts Council and produced work through the Artstarts program.

Graphic Design

SMUS students have access to Adobe Photoshop and other design programs and students often create posters, T-shirt designs and other work for events and concerts happening around the school.

Art Club

Art Club allows students extra time to work on artistic projects. Led by one of our art teachers, students receive instruction and guidance, but are free to pursue their own ideas than in regular classes. Art Club features guest instructors and different forms – from glasswork to sculpture – are rotated throughout the year.


Title Grade
Fine Arts 9 9
Art 10 10
Art 11 11
Art 11 Advanced 11
AP Art History 11, 12
Painting 9 9
Digital Art 12 12
3D Applied Design and Installation 11 11, 12
AP Studio Art 12
Digital Art 11 11
Art 12 12

Senior School Course Handbook 2019-20

Senior School Course Handbook cover

Senior School Course Handbook 2019-20

Published: March, 2019

A guide to Senior School courses with descriptions to help our students plan an optimal school year.

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