Senior School Departments

Senior School Departments

Senior School Departments

At the Senior School level, the breadth of course offerings is considerable. For information on the different departments and the courses, make a selection from the list below. For a complete guide to course requirements and detailed descriptions, see the Course Handbook, also below.

Through English studies, students learn to read, write, speak and think. Teachers inspire a love of language and literature and teach from a canon of major works. Students cover the main genres of English studies – drama, fiction, poetry and essays – and the mechanics of language itself.

In creative writing courses, students produce a portfolio of work and enter national and international writing competitions. Former students in this program have won various national poetry contests; they have also had their work read on CBC and accepted for publication in adult literary journals such as Room of One's Own.

Extra Opportunities


Students interested in editing, writing or photography have two major outlets: The Jag newspaper and the SMUSpaper. The Jag newspaper includes editorials, book and movie reviews, advice and puzzles, all written and compiled by students. It publishes between 3-4 times a year. The SMUSpaper is the school's online news site, which includes opportunities for student writing. Students typically write about school events and their own experiences.

Creative Writing

Student poetry and fiction fill the school literary magazine, The Brier. Pieces for publication are chosen by a student editor and the issues are distributed across the school. Creative writing is also compiled in Between the Red Walls, an annual anthology of student work. Students also submit to the Canadian youth literary magazine Claremont Review and enter poetry contests.

Guest speakers

SMUS hosts a range of literary figures each year. Visiting poets, authors, and Shakespearean interpreters read their own work, talk about the creative process, and often conduct workshops with students.


Title Grade
English 9 9
English Studies 12 12
AP English Language and Composition 12
Literary Studies 10 10
Literary Studies 11 11
Spoken Language and Composition 11 11
Creative Writing 10 10
Modern Literature and Creative Writing 11 11
AP English Literature and Composition 12
Spoken Language and Composition 10 10
English 12 Plus 12
English 10 Plus (ELL) 10
English 11 Plus 11
Creative Writing 12 12
English 9 Plus (ELL) 9

Senior School Course Handbook 2019-20

Senior School Course Handbook cover

Senior School Course Handbook 2019-20

Published: March, 2019

A guide to Senior School courses with descriptions to help our students plan an optimal school year.

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