Senior School Departments

Senior School Departments

Senior School Departments

At the Senior School level, the breadth of course offerings is considerable. For information on the different departments and the courses, make a selection from the list below. For a complete guide to course requirements and detailed descriptions, see the Course Selection Guide, also below.

Our program instils an appreciation and command of choral music as well as improving vocal skill. The program develops each student’s innate musical ability, and exposes them to professional standards through performance in concerts and musical productions.

Students learn the basic techniques of choral training, including:

  • technical competency
  • diction
  • style
  • arrangements
  • sight reading
  • ear training

Group Options

  • Concert choirs
  • Vocal Jazz Ensemble
  • Musical Production
  • Various small ensembles


Title Grade
Concert Choir 9 9
Concert Choir 10 10
Concert Choir 11 11
Concert Choir 12 12

Course Selection Guide 2018-2019

Course Selection Guide 2018-2019

Course Selection Guide 2018-2019

Published: February, 2018

A guide to Senior School course requirements with descriptions to help our students plan an optimal school year.

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