Senior School Departments

Senior School Departments

Senior School Departments

At the Senior School level, the breadth of course offerings is considerable. For information on the different departments and the courses, make a selection from the list below. For a complete guide to course requirements and detailed descriptions, see the Course Handbook, also below.

Strings students play a range of music, from classical to contemporary. Musicians form a complete classical string ensemble and combine to create the school orchestra (violin, viola, cello and bass).

Our strings program prepares students for performance-oriented ensembles and allows them to:

  • understand and appreciate the value of teamwork;
  • develop individual skills on their instrument of choice; and
  • study professional repertoire.

To enter the strings program, students need to have some previous training and new students joining SMUS enter the strings program at the discretion of the musical director.

Group Options

  • Jazz Ensemble
  • String Orchestra
  • Full Orchestra
  • Orchestra for the Musical Production


Title Grade
Strings 9 9
Strings 10 10
Strings 11 11
Strings 12 12

Senior School Course Handbook 2019-20

Senior School Course Handbook cover

Senior School Course Handbook 2019-20

Published: March, 2019

A guide to Senior School courses with descriptions to help our students plan an optimal school year.

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SMUS ViewbookThe Senior School viewbook provides an overview of programs and the SMUS experience.

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