Senior School Departments

Senior School Departments

Senior School Departments

At the Senior School level, the breadth of course offerings is considerable. For information on the different departments and the courses, make a selection from the list below. For a complete guide to course requirements and detailed descriptions, see the Course Handbook, also below.

The SMUS Outdoor Education program balances safety and adventure. At a school surrounded by forests, ocean and mountains, students have plenty of chances to get outside. More than exercise and new experiences, the Outdoor Education program teaches leadership, teamwork, perseverance and goal-setting.

Through outdoor education, students:

  • develop skills in a wide variety of outdoor activities;
  • set, achieve, and perhaps exceed personal goals;
  • build leadership, individual responsibility and self-discipline; and
  • appreciate and respect the natural environment.

Grade Outdoor Trips

Students in Grades 9-11 select their choice of grade trip from a wide range of options.

  • Grade trips are included in the school fees, but certain options may require a surcharge to cover additional costs.
  • Prerequisite courses or proof of previous experience may be required for some options.
  • Each grade trip should build upon prior experiences or differ significantly.
  • Students should think long-term: they may wish to follow a particular option through to level III or beyond.
  • All options require participants to sign SMUS Acknowledgement of Risk forms and/or external waivers. It is important to read these over as part of your decision-making process.

In the interests of safety or availability, certain options have limited enrolment.

Extra Opportunities

Outdoor Council

Outdoor Council organizes activities and trips for the student body throughout the year. Examples of trips include surfing at Tofino and skiing on Mount Washington.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Program

The international Duke of Edinburgh Award Program involves more than 1.5 million youth from 140 countries. Participants earn awards for improvement in four areas: service, skills, expeditions and fitness. Students actively work towards a bronze, silver or gold award.


Title Grade
Outdoor Leadership 12 11, 12

Senior School Course Handbook 2019-20

Senior School Course Handbook cover

Senior School Course Handbook 2019-20

Published: March, 2019

A guide to Senior School courses with descriptions to help our students plan an optimal school year.

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