Grade 10 Experiential Structure

Students at SMUS hiking as part of the experiential program
Outdoor education is an important part of the experiential program

In addition to regular classes, the Grade 10 year has a unique experiential program. This means that the program at SMUS is different from a regular Grade 10 year.

  • Orientation

    The year starts with Orientation. This is when your teachers will explain the program in more detail and discuss your learning goals.

  • Outdoor Week

    Outdoor education is a key part of the SMUS program. During your first week in Grade 10, you will go on a trip and study the natural environment. Trips in the past have included sea kayaking, mountain hiking and rock climbing. Don’t worry if you’re not outdoorsy, the trips are for everyone and you may discover an interest you didn’t know you had! You can hear from students reflecting on their outdoor experiences on SMUSTube.

  • Course Work

    Throughout the year your course work in regular classes will have ‘hands-on’ experiences. For example: in the sciences, an assignment will have you taking on the role of a forensic investigator.

  • Afternoon Expeditions

    The afternoon expeditions are where you study a special topic of your choice. You will take four expeditions during the year - one in each of these themes:

    • Global Citizenship
    • Arts & Humanities
    • Career & Life Skills
    • Fitness & Wellness

    Each theme takes up four afternoons. You can download a PDF describing the Afternoon Expeditions and showing the wide range of topics offered in each of the themes.

    Afternoon Expeditions are your chance to develop your skills in problem solving, design and teamwork. You’ll find that your teachers talk less and you’ll be talking (and thinking) more.

  • The Pursuit

    Do you sometimes find a topic that sparks your interest but you don’t get enough time to explore it in more detail? That’s what the Pursuit is for! During the year, you’ll also have the opportunity to use your new skills to ‘pursue’ a topic that is especially interesting to you.

  • June Expedition

    Toward the end of the year, your studies will include 5-9 days out of the classroom. The June Expedition builds on the topics you studied during the Afternoon Expeditions and your Pursuit. So, for example, if you’ve leaned toward the arts, you may end up volunteering at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

  • The Discovery

    The final piece of the Grade 10 year is an assignment that pulls together everything you’ve learned so far. It asks you to reflect and find out what you have discovered. You’ll feel like you’ve learned a lot about yourself and you'll go into Grade 11 with new skills and a better idea of your talents, passions and how you can make a difference in the world.