Senior School Leadership: Sustainability

Sustainability overview

Sustainability allows students to practice leadership by:

  • educating others about environmental issues and solutions;
  • spearheading initiatives at our school and in our community; and
  • creating collaborative teams and prioritizing goals.

Student Projects

  • The e-team promotes proper use of the recycling and composting bins.
  • Boarding houses have individual energy meters so houses can win house points by reducing their energy consumption.
  • The boarding e-team plans events and initiatives for the boarding community.
  • Boarding houses have a bike-share program to provide access to bikes for boarders.
  • Boarding houses measure water consumption, use low-flow shower heads and promote water conservation.
  • Harvey/Symons boarders led an initiative to have a solar hot water system installed on their residence. 

SMUS Sustainability

We are constantly working towards making our school as sustainable as possible. Here are some of the ways we lessen our environmental impact:

  • Increased bike storage at all three campuses and providing shared bikes for boarding students.
  • Comprehensive composting and recycling program at all three schools.
  • Arranging soft plastic recycling (grocery bags, cartons, styrofoam, etc.) pick-ups at our Richmond Road campus.
  • At the Sun Centre dining hall, composting food waste and going tray-less to save water and energy as well as updating appliances.
  • Making our campuses idle-free zones (no leaving vehicles running while parked).
  • Giving our buildings environmental upgrades, including houseparent residences and the home of our Head of School.
  • Upgrading the lighting in our double gym to high-efficiency lighting.
  • Installing water-conserving bathroom facilities.
  • Sharing a bus system with GNS and replacing our buses with efficient models.
  • Switching to natural landscaping and lawn care products.

As we move into the future, we continue to build our sustainability program. We provide professional development opportunities to staff to facilitate the inclusion of sustainability into the curriculum, support time spent in nature within academic and extracurricular programs, include stewardship projects in outdoor education programs and create opportunities for students and staff to increase their ecological literacy