Below you will find competitive sports results from the last academic year. For information of results over time, visit the competitive sports pages.

SMUS at National Championships

SMUS competed in the Canadian Secondary School Rowing Association (CSSRA) national championships and walked away with 1 bronze.

In Squash, SMUS athletes competed in the British and US open among other international events.

City, Islands & Provincials

SMUS competes in City Championships (Victoria), Islands (Vancouver Island) and then also at British Columbia Provincial Championships - usually in the AA category.

Sport Team Placement
City Island BC
Badminton   1st 2nd 7th
Basketball Senior Boys 1st 3rd n/a
Senior Girls 1st 1st 10th
Cross Country   n/a 3rd (girls) 6th (girls)
Field Hockey Senior Girls 1st 1st 7th
Golf   n/a 2nd 3rd
Rowing   2nd n/a n/a
Rugby Senior Boys  1st 2nd 3rd
Senior Girls (Sevens) 3rd 5th n/a
Sailing   4th n/a n/a
Soccer Senior Boys 1st 1st 2nd
Senior Girls 1st 1st 1st
Tennis   1st 1st 2nd
Track & Field   3rd 1st (Jr. Girls) 2nd (Jr. Girls)
Volleyball Senior Boys 2nd 5th n/a
Senior Girls 2nd 8th n/a