Philosophy and Goals

Chapel Philosophy

Our school overflows with the stuff of life: academic, artistic and physical opportunities. In the midst of all this activity, Chapel offers an intentional pause so that students can reflect on what a meaningful life truly entails.

In Chapel, we catch our breath and remind ourselves of who we are now and who we feel we should become. We ponder our relationships with those in our immediate community and with our neighbours around the world. We talk about justice, leadership, character and belief. It is where we remind ourselves of our vision as a community and the pillars that we strive to uphold.

Our hope is not to conform to any one person’s thought, but to explore and clarify our own understandings of life’s purpose.

Chapel is grounded in the Christian tradition, embracing its most inclusive principles so that our program is open to the wisdom and practice of other faiths and philosophies. A single service might include a Jewish story coupled with a Sikh prayer, followed by a Christian hymn. Our focus is on vision and values, rather than a particular doctrinal approach.

Senior School

Twice a week, a service is held in the school’s chapel. Due to the size of the Senior School population, only two or three grades attend each session.

Senior School Chapel varies greatly. Occasionally, the service is a combination of story, prayer and song. More often, the time serves as a crossroads for the school’s leadership activities.

Groups arriving back from service trips abroad share not only what they did, but how the experience shifted their outlook. Scenes for school musicals and plays are presented, exploring their philosophical and moral content. Campus groups inform the student body about their work and the reason for their passion. Students representing different parts of the globe strive to create bridges between campus cultures. A diverse array of guest speakers share their world views and life experiences. Assumptions about ourselves and others are prodded and tested, prompting deeper reflection on who we are and who we hope to become.

The tone of one gathering might be serious, while the next is comical. Student musicians offer selections that can be contemporary or  classical through covers and original work.

The whole endeavour is guided by the Senior School Chapel Team, a group of students that offer feedback on the program and help to coordinate the groups, speakers and musicians.