Senior School Academic Schedule

The Senior School is busy throughout the day. Many students arrive well in advance of their first class, in order to practise violin or catch a workout in the fitness centre. During breaks, they may meet up with teachers for extra help, attend club and council meetings, or sit in on lecture or university presentations. After school, there are myriad athletics events, rehearsals for the musical production and service initiatives. The campus maintains its buzz well into the evening, with boarders grabbing dinner in the Sun Centre dining hall before settling into evening prep.

SMUS follows a 10-day academic cycle. The academic days are indicated on our online calendar as well as in our printed calendar.

Senior School Day

8:10-9:15 am Period 1
9:15-9:50 am Homeroom/Flex (Monday and Friday); Assembly (Tuesday); Chapel (Wednesday and Thursday)
9:50-10:10 am Recess
10:10-11:10 am Period 2
11:10 am – 12:10 pm Period 3
12:10-1:10 pm Lunch
1:10-2:15 pm Period 4
2:15-3:25 pm Period 5