Student Exchanges

St. Michaels University School students are able to take part in a variety of international exchanges. Currently, the school offers exchanges to Quebec, Japan, Australia, Ecuador, India, France, Belgium and Spain.

Location Length
Quebec (College Ste. Anne) 4 weeks (January)
Reciprocal homestay
Japan (Ikeda Junior High School) 1 month
Australia (Ruyton Girls School; Trinity Grammar School; Bishop Druitt College) 6 weeks (February/March)
Reciprocal homestay
Ecuador (Colegio Terra Nova)  
India (Woodstock School) One term
Reciprocal homestay or boarding

France, Spain or Belgium (in partnership with Organisme de Séjours Educatifs Francophones – OSEF). For more information please visit

Option 1: July/August
Option 2: Aug-Nov & Feb-Apr

The most immersive form of travel SMUS offers is the student exchange. Ranging from four weeks to a full term, an exchange not only gives you the opportunity to experience another culture, but to study and live as part of that culture.

Find out more about students' experiences on exchange on the SMUSpaper site.

The exchange schools SMUS partners with are primarily co-educational, with a few exceptions. Each exchange situation offers a similar level of academics and educational philosophy, and many schools offer unique aspects of their curriculum to visiting students.

Our exchange program allows students to:

  • experience other cultures;
  • develop self-esteem and independence;
  • develop decision-making and adapting skills;
  • enhance leadership skills;
  • experience unique learning experiences;
  • develop friendships; and
  • enhance academic learning.

Exchanges are open to all SMUS students. However, boarding students will be unable to participate in exchanges that require a reciprocal homestay.

Regardless of whether a host school is a day or boarding school, visiting SMUS students are matched with a host family. During an exchange, SMUS students continue to be enrolled at St. Michaels University School.

Application for the exchange program is open to all students. Applicants should be positive, independent, flexible, and self-assured. They must above all be excellent representatives of St. Michaels University School, and contribute to and participate in all aspects of the exchange program.

Application Process

  • Students must complete an application form and submit all documents to the Education Extension office by the registration deadline.
  • Each application will be assessed and reviewed by a staff panel.
  • Successful applicants will be interviewed by the panel and a final decision will be made by the group.

Please note:

  • Students should discuss their program(s) of interest with their parents and receive parental permission before applying.
  • Exchange students should organize all travel documentation well in advance. A valuable resource for Canadians is Global Affairs Canada.
  • The Director of Senior School, Director of Education Extension, and the Grade Advisor reserve the right to refuse permission for a student to participate.
  • There may be more applicants than places available.
  • No places will be allocated until available space with the exchange school has been finalized.

International Student Exchanges

International Student Exchanges

International Student Exchanges

Published: February, 2018
Details about destinations, length of stay and costs.
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Exchange Program PowerPoint Presentation

Exchange Program PowerPoint Presentation

Exchange Program PowerPoint Presentation

Published: February, 2018
Slides from the Exchange Program presentation.
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