Career Exploration

Career research and planning are closely tied to the post-secondary decision-making process. University Counselling offers several resources to help our students develop their career interests and make connections between future career possibilities and post-secondary studies.

Careers in Naviance Succeed

All SMUS students and parents have access to Naviance Succeed, an online program that helps students connect their high school education to plans for their future. Through Naviance Succeed, students can explore their options in more than 1,000 careers, including descriptions, education requirements and salary information.

Naviance Succeed also recommends plans of study to help students understand the rigour of the coursework needed to pursue the careers they want.

Career Events

Each year, the University Counselling office holds a career information event. Alumni, parents and special guests are invited to be part of a cluster of presenters to talk about their work, education, and experience. Each cluster focuses on a different career area and includes a panel of presenters that give our students unique perspectives on that career area and then answer questions from students.

With these highly enjoyable and entertaining sessions, we focus on four objectives:

  1. to give students information on careers from people who are actually working in that particular area;
  2. to excite students about their future possibilities;
  3. to demonstrate the various paths through which people reach their career goals; and
  4. to help students expand on their thinking and ideas about future career possibilities.

Career clusters from previous events have included:

  • Health Sciences
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
  • "We Don’t Work in an Office"
  • Business and Finance
  • Arts, AV Technology, Communications