Choosing a University

Deciding which university to attend and what to study are two very difficult and important decisions. The University Counselling department's role is to guide students through this process. Here, students can find tips and resources to help them narrow down their selections, but students should also visit or contact the department for help.

Finding a Good Fit

Picking a university is all about fit; find the school that is best suited to your interests, lifestyle and plans for the future. Many students fall into the trap of looking for the “best” university, but there is really no such thing – it’s a matter of what’s best for you.

Things to consider

  • location
  • class sizes and professors
  • programs
  • reputation
  • extracurricular opportunities
  • the campus
  • residence
  • school spirit/atmosphere

Researching Universities

Research is a huge aspect of post-secondary planning, because of the overwhelming number of choices available. No two schools are the same, and there are a variety of things you need to know before you send in your applications.  We recommend students research four to six post-secondary options.

For each school to which you want to apply, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the program of study I want offered?
  • Do I meet or come close to meeting admissions requirements?
  • How will my AP credits transfer?
  • What extracurricular opportunities are available?
  • Can I afford tuition?
  • What kind of financial aid, bursary and scholarship programs does the school have?

University Visits

Admissions representatives from more than 80 universities visit the SMUS campus each year. This provides a chance for students to learn more about universities that interest them and ask questions. The school also typically hosts two fairs: an Ivy League night, featuring several Ivy League universities, and a Canadian universities evening, which sees representatives from over 30 schools across the country. 

In addition to university visits, the school holds several informational events for parents and students, covering course selection, application process and adjusting to university life. For upcoming post-secondary events, see the SMUS calendar.


Family Connections from Naviance is a one-stop site for university searches, scholarship details, application information, and almost anything else you will need to know about post-secondary education. Students and their parents are encouraged to use the site as often as possible to find information, store details about applications in progress, and to contact the University Counselling office.

Contact the University Counselling office for more information about Naviance or if you require a password for the site.

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