RSVP: Rover Boys - Bristol Foster and Robert Bateman

We are pleased to announce a unique opportunity that has arisen for our community.

In 1956, Bristol Foster, called his friend Robert Bateman and asked if he wanted to go around the world in a Land Rover. The two young men set forth on a journey that covered Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The worlds they passed through were largely in turmoil either because of the end of colonialism or fall out from WWII. They encountered cultures and races that are now effectively extinct. They travelled through ecosystems and observed species that are similarly threatened now.

Known as “the Rover Boys”, the two sent regular dispatches back to LIFE magazine. Bristol Foster, now an ecologist and documentary filmmaker, recorded this remarkable journey on film. Robert Bateman, world renowned wildlife artist and naturalist, recorded through his drawing and painting. We at SMUS are being offered a unique window on their journey as they share movie clips, artwork and stories of this now vanished time in the world.

Robert is a parent of SMUS alumni and Bristol currently has a grandchild at SMUS. The two thought it fitting to give back to the community through a presentation to Middle and Senior schools on the afternoon of Thursday, May 23 and a presentation for adults in the evening, May 23 (RSVP below).

Event Details

Date: Thursday, May 23
Time: Wine and cheese reception 6:30 pm, program begins at 7:00 pm.
Venue: School Chapel, 3400 Richmond Road