Welcome to SMUS: Getting Ready for the School Year

A photo of a student being welcomed to the Middle School

Welcome to SMUS! Thank you for joining us for September 2020.

We are moving ahead with our plans to welcome you to the school in September and we will be updating these webpages when we have more information. In the meantime, please visit the Latest Information page for updates.

Beginning SMUS Life in Boarding

We are as excited as you are for your arrival at SMUS. As a new boarding student, here is what you need to know before you arrive on campus:

Beginning SMUS Life as a Day Student

Whether joining our Junior, Middle or Senior School, new students are joining a community filled with opportunity and challenges. Below you will find what you need to know before you arrive on campus in September, by school and/or by grade.

Junior School
K - Grade 5
Middle School
Grades 6-8
Senior School
Grade 9
Senior School
Grade 10
Senior School
Grade 11
Senior School
Grade 12

Help and Assistance

If you have questions, our Admissions office is open throughout the summer. Please contact SMUS Admissions at [email protected].