Spark Nights

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What is a Spark?

Spark is any learning event at SMUS open to the Greater Victoria community. Spark Night is the name for the SMUS parent lecture. You may also see references to Spark in other SMUS events and activities connected to our wider community in Victoria.

About Spark Nights

Since 2010, SMUS has invested in connecting the latest in research to the education and well-being of students from Kindergarten to graduation and life after school.

These events are all free and open to SMUS parents, as well as our wider Greater Victoria community.

There are currently no scheduled Spark Nights. Stay tuned to the SMUS Weekly e-magazine for updates about future events.

Recent Spark Nights

Three students with brain awareness banner

2020-21 Spark Night sessions:

  • Session One: Dr. Allison Rees reviewed highlights from her Sidestepping the Power Struggle workshop and spoke about ways to deepen communication in the family.

2019-20 Spark Night sessions:

  • Session One: Shannon Husk spoke about the challenges with screen time, gaming and social media platforms.
  • Session Two: A book launch for Tessa Lloyd's book Forty Fathers.
  • Session Three: SMUS students' explorations of how events can produce a ripple effect that travels far beyond their genius. Nutritionist Jenny Naydek closed the event speaking on the correlation between the food we eat, our moods, and mental health.

2018-19 Spark Night sessions:

  • Session One: Paul Mohapel discussed our device culture through a critical lens./li>
  • Session Two: Allison Rees - Building Communication Skills in an Age of Distraction.
  • Session Three: Jason Dorland - LOVE as a competitive strategy.

2017-18 Spark Night sessions:

  • Session One: Hypersext: Live talk with Dr. Gillian Roberts
  • Session Two: Sidestepping the Power Struggle: an evening with Dr Allison Rees
  • Session Three: Sleep, Think, Eat, Move: A presentation by Dr. Greg Wells
  • Session Four: How Schools Can Prepare Our Children Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow: A presentation by Nancy Steinhauer
  • Session Five: Social Media Awareness, Digital Footprints and Cyberbullying: A presentation by Nick Chernoff

2016-17 Spark Night sessions: