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What is a Spark?

Spark is any learning event at SMUS open to the Greater Victoria community. Spark Night is the new name for the SMUS parent lecture. You may also see references to Spark in other SMUS events and activities connected to our wider community in Victoria.

About Spark Nights

Since 2010, SMUS has invested in connecting the latest in brain research to the education and well-being of students from Kindergarten to graduation and life after school.

This year’s conversations look to bridge current brain and wellness research with SMUS educational philosophy and practice. In each session, various SMUS educational leaders and guest speakers will be addressing a blend of research and practical suggestions for K to 12 students and families. These are excellent opportunities to become more familiar with relevant topics on the educational landscape that are important for our community to be discussing.

These events are all free and open to SMUS parents, as well as our wider Greater Victoria community.

Session One: Paul Mohapel

Monday, October 1, 2018
6:30 pm wine and cheese
7:00 pm program start
School Chapel, 3400 Richmond Road

As the school continues to move along its digital journey, and embrace the many beautiful aspects of technology, it is also important that we look at our device culture through a critical lens. Students at the Junior School and Middle School do not bring their phones to school during the school day, and the Senior School has adopted the idea of phones being "off-and-away" during the school day. It is important that any policies surrounding smartphone use are guided by the best available research, and last year the Senior School brought Dr. Paul Mohapel in to speak to faculty about some of the challenges surrounding excessive screen time. Dr. Mohapel will be speaking at our first Spark Night of the year, and brings with him a practical and pragmatic approach to device culture, while presenting his cutting-edge research. We invite everyone in the SMUS community to join us Monday, October 1st, to hear Dr. Mohapel speak.

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Upcoming Session Dates

January 29, 2019.
April 9, 2019.

Recent Spark Nights

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2017-2018 Spark Night sessions:

  • Session One: Hypersext: Live talk with Dr. Gillian Roberts
  • Session Two: Sidestepping the Power Struggle: an evening with Dr Allison Rees
  • Session Three: Sleep, Think, Eat, Move: A presentation by Dr. Greg Wells
  • Session Four: How Schools Can Prepare Our Children Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow: A presentation by Nancy Steinhauer
  • Session Five: Social Media Awareness, Digital Footprints and Cyberbullying: A presentation by Nick Chernoff

2016-2017 Spark Night sessions: