Aimee Daly

Aimee Daly
Teacher, Senior School Social Studies
Senior Assistant Houseparent, Barnacle House
September, 2008
BA, PDP (University of Victoria)

Education should be experiential and the classroom should provide the opportunity for students to actively engage in their learning.

From rock climbing trips to cooking classes and geographic field studies, there aren’t too many Outdoor Education trips that Mrs. Daly hasn’t led in the last few years. She is a recent graduate from the faculty of Education at the University of Victoria and now has the chance to take on her own classes and build a strong foundation.

“I really enjoy working with students to help them realize and reach beyond their potential to become leaders in the classroom, in the field, and in the community,” Aimee says. “I also love the fact that every day is different and exciting in teaching.”

Before completing university, Aimee spent a year travelling around Australia and Southeast Asia and that time helped shape her perspective.

“While I was on the road, I had the opportunity to work on a farm and experience what hard work really means,” she says. “My travels also helped me gain a new awareness and appreciation for a number of different cultures and it helps my work in the classroom and the boarding house.”

Aimee is thrilled to be working at SMUS with so many bright students and amazing educators.