Alison Galloway

Alison Galloway
Teacher, Junior School Grade 3
September, 2006
BA, BEd (University of Victoria)

Build a sense of community in the classroom and promote positive relationships among the students.

Alison has always worked with children. She’s been a summer camp leader for the YMCA and assisted children with disabilities for Recreation Integration Victoria. Before coming to SMUS, Alison taught at Elizabeth Buckley School for eight years.

“I believe that lessons should be meaningful, relevant and hands-on,” she says. “I regularly use movement, music and modeling tools in all subject areas.”

Alison co-runs the sign language club, serves on the service committee and coordinates a yearly World Vision fundraiser. Alison’s passion for service came in part from her time travelling through Asia.

“Seeing the poverty in many countries and the many uneducated children who were destined for difficult lives inspired me to try to make a difference,” she says. “I help my students to understand how lucky we are to live in Canada and how privileged they are to attend school.”

Ms. Galloway loves being a Grade 1 teacher because she is able to impart fundamental skills that children will use throughout their lives. Seeing students have “aha” moments as they learn to read or write is incredibly rewarding for her.

“My students are challenged to think for themselves and are given strategies to help them achieve their individual potential,” she says.

A voracious reader who loves to travel to new and exciting locations, Alison enjoys boating, gardening and spending time with her family. Her proudest academic achievement was graduating in the top 10% of her university class and receiving a commendation from the Dean of Education.