Allison Higinbotham

Allison Fenneman
Teacher, Senior School Mathematics
September, 2006
BSc, PDPP (University of Victoria)

With the right basic skills, you can solve any problem.

Allison got her first teaching job in the math department at a large inner-city high school with a diverse student body. She then spent two years in Calgary before joining SMUS. She is one of the lead teachers that are implementing the new mathematics curriculum at the Grade 10 and 11 levels.

“I have always had a strong appreciation for the beauty in mathematics—the applications, the variety,” says Allison. “There may only be one final answer, but the number of different ways we can arrive at that answer fascinates me. For me, mathematics is a logical way of thinking; it’s a global language.”

Allison also lends her talents to the school community, most notably with the Pride Alliance and the musical. She has also participated in the recreational athletics program and chaperoned some of the outdoor education trips.

“Outside of school, I am very outdoorsy,” says Allison. “I enjoy camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, classic cross-country skiing, playing volleyball in a local women’s league, and taking dance classes.”