Angus Henderson

Angus Henderson
Teacher, Senior School Geography
Fifth House Parent, Barnacle House
September, 2012
MA (Glasgow University), PGCE (Nottingham University)

Teach the key content and fundamental concepts in a challenging and engaging manner.

While Angus and his wife are both British, they met in Canada after graduating from their respective universities. Over the years they returned to visit the country and friends many times and were keen to make a permanent move here. After eight years teaching experience in London, Angus was equipped and ready to start looking for work in western Canada. An opening at SMUS was exactly what he hoped for – a chance to teach Socials and Geography to engaged students, in a supportive and progressive school culture, and in a wonderful location.

“By studying geography we can better understand the world around us,” he says. “We can understand why it looks as it does and how it is changing. Moreover we can see how our actions, or inaction, have an impact on people and places, both at home and abroad. Geography equips us with the mindset and tools to recognize, analyze and respond to a rapidly changing world.”

Particular areas of geography that excite Angus include urban design and function, sustainability, and international development. He loves to travel to new places and experience new culture, and looks forward to some exotic adventures as his children get older. In 2013, Angus joined Barnacle House in the boarding community as a fifth houseparent.

Outside of SMUS Angus enjoys reading, particularly about design, architecture and current affairs. He loves the mountains – hiking, snowboarding and skiing, as well as cycling in the flats. He played a lot of football (soccer) when he was younger and continues to enjoy participating at a recreational level and assisting with coaching on campus.

“Seeing students enjoy what they are doing and realize their potential is an ongoing aim and source of satisfaction,” he says.

You can find Angus on Twitter: @geog_your_mind.