Anna Miller

Anna Miller
Teacher, Middle School Social Studies, Humanities, Communication Skills, Cross Grade PE
(Currently on maternity leave)
September, 2006
BA, BEd (University of Victoria)
anna [dot] miller [at] smus [dot] ca

I strive for students to feel part of a community of learners where they belong but also feel as though they are being taught individually and inspired to be take charge of their learning.

SMUS has been a consistent part of Anna’s life since she came as a student in Grade 10. After graduating, she volunteered at the Junior School while completing her studies at university, coordinated after-school sports, supported Admissions and Development over a summer, then came back as a houseparent. Anna also completed her teaching practicum at the Junior School.

“This work has propelled me in the direction of my career and provided me with many opportunities from a young age to pursue my ambitions to become an educator,” she says.

In addition to her classes, Anna also coaches volleyball, track & field and soccer. For her Exploratory classes, a popular initiative of the Middle School, she includes Gymnastics, crafts and computer coding. She has also been involved in Free the Children in years past.

“I believe that my primary job as a teacher is to help students identify their individual strengths and help them foster these attributes about themselves so that they will be successful in their own way,” she says.

When she’s not teaching at SMUS, she enjoys spending time with her husband Jamie and daughter Amelia. She has also completed two half-marathons and intends to do more. Anna relaxes by baking and decorating cakes as well.

“Deciding to come to SMUS as a student was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself,” she says. “The school provided me with an incredible foundation to pursue my dreams. Having the opportunity to come back and teach with the people who inspired me has been the richest experience of my career.”