Becky Anderson

Becky Anderson
Director of Junior School
September, 2000
BSc, MEd (University of Victoria)

While at SMUS Becky has taught many courses within the Geography and History departments, was the Grade 10 advisor for several years, and had the pleasure of being part of the boarding community for 13 years, six of which was as the Senior Houseparent for Timmis House. She has been the Director of Leadership Development and is now Director of the Junior School.

“I have a deep belief that knowing our natural strengths and passions are the keys to guiding us to a life that will be meaningful and rewarding,” she says. “When students engage in the opportunities that exist at SMUS with our supportive community around them, these innate strengths and interests can emerge.”

Her inspirational “gurus” are an eclectic crew of thinkers from different perspectives and backgrounds: Seth Godin, Joseph Campbell, Brene Brown, Carol Dweck, Heath Brothers, Steven Covey, Kouzes & Posner and Maya Angelou.

“The common thread between them seems to be that each speaks to the focus on an awareness of the world around us and our role within that as lifelong learners and creative, passionate leaders,” says Becky.

In her spare time she enjoys being with her kids and husband, Eliot. She is often daydreaming of their next adventure. Becky’s love of travel began when she backpacked around Southeast Asia at the age of 19. She has taught in Ecuador and Kenya, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and spent 11 months travelling the world with her family, living in eight different countries around Europe, Asia and South America.