Benson Young

Benson Young
Head of Science
Teacher, Senior School Science
September, 2007
BSc, BEd and PDPP (University of Victoria)
Teaching should be a fun and enjoyable experience for all students with the idea that they are challenged and engaged in the classroom.

Benson is so in love with chemistry that he followed it all the way to Australia. In the final year of his co-op degree, he worked for the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) at Monash University in Melbourne. He spent his time researching environmentally friendly soaps.

“I was there for about 10 months,” Benson says. “Before and after the work term, I backpacked around Bali, New Zealand, most of Australia and Hawaii, staying in hostels along the way.”

Benson built his career in Squamish, West Vancouver and Vancouver before joining SMUS as the Hinton Chair in 2008. In that time he has tried to make his classes fun and interesting by living his passion for chemistry.

“Because chemistry is all around us and affects us, we need to understand it so that we can contribute to society and lead an informed life. I hope that my dedication to the subject transfers to my students.”

Besides his Hinton Chair selection, one of his proudest accomplishments was developing the AP Chemistry program at Sentinel Secondary in West Vancouver. He is also very happy to still be teaching AP classes at SMUS all these years later.

When he has the time, Benson enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, bike riding, hiking, working on his house and doing his best to win the annual SMUS NHL Hockey pool that he organizes. He’s not afraid to get serious in his spare time either, and likes to indulge in the liberal arts.

“I have a keen interest in European and military history—especially 20th century,” he says. “I love to read about my favourite topics or watch documentaries and movies.”

Benson feels at home at SMUS and is pleased to teach in such a great environment.